A Celebration of the DIY Spirit to Support Grassroots Charities

Baltibrew is thrilled to present its 10th celebration of the DIY spirit, Chilibrew X: a combination chili and homebrew competition coming soon.

As in past years, Chilibrew attendees serve as judges for the event, voting on the best chili con carné, vegan chili, and home-brewed beer provided by 60 competitors. An accompanying “celebrity-judged” competition features local food & beverage luminaries weighing in with their favorite picks as well.

In recent years, Chilibrew has raised significant monetary donations for a set of three different Baltimore grassroots organizations. Selected based on their support of local communities, we gave each of last year's beneficiaries approximately $3,000 to further their missions. Regardless of whether you’re looking to have a great time in support of a good cause or throw your hat in the ring and compete, we hope you’ll join us for Chilibrew X.



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    of Baltimore City


    The Farm Alliance of Baltimore City is a network of producers working to increase the viability of urban farming and improve access to urban grown foods. They are united by practices and principles that are socially, economically, and environmentally just.

  • FORCE:
    Upsetting Rape Culture


    FORCE is a creative activist collaboration to upset the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent. FORCE believes a more difficult and honest conversation needs to happen in America to face the realities of sexual violence. To promote this needed conversation they create art actions to generate media attention and get millions of people talking.


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